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"It has been predicted that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices around the world, facilitated by the growing use of IoT devices and M2M communication. In the Middle East and Africa (MEA), IoT and M2M technology will drive business growth in sectors such as banking, transportation, energy, and public services through smart cities. M2M Africa has developed a clear strategy to contribute to this growth, as well as an extensive range of IoT/M2M products and services".                                        

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What we do

M2M-Africa delivers customized data package solutions for m2m / IoT services through-out Africa.

We spesialize in Mobile GSM / GPRS data, low cost m2m / IoT solutions to help decrease cost and improve your bottom line. The one stop shop for internet of things (IoT)

How to connect

Connect in 5 steps.

1) Specify how much data you require.

2) Specify your country or countries of business.

3)Choose multi or single network.

4) Choose single country or roaming.

5) Choose your contract terms.

Need more information? 

 If you require any more information send us a message from the contact page or drop us an email and will answer all your questions. (South Africa)          (UK)
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