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What we do

We specialize in Mobile GSM / GPRS data packages for applications that use low data amounts to help decrease your cost and improve your bottom line. 

How to connect

Connect in 3 steps.

1) Go to our Simcard Packages page.

2) Choose a package.

3) Send us an email and request a quote.


Focus on low data, low cost

  • Vehicle  tracking​
  • Energy metering

  • Asset tracking

Single network and roaming options

Standard, Micro and Nano sims 

Simcard control Platform

Activate / Deactivate sims​

Check individual sim data use

Sim on chip

A global  network coverage

Single invoice

Standard and custom services

Need more information?

If you require any more information send us a message from the Contact Us 

page or drop us an email and will answer all of your questions.

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